Friday, June 22, 2012

NBC: How Far You've Fallen

Flash back to 1993: NBC News wasn't reporting the news, they were pushing an agenda and were called out on it!

Forward to 2012, NBC is at it again, showing their true colors (blue) and the candidate for whom they are in the tank (Obama). They are looking for anything to throw at Romney.

First, they tried ridicule, doctoring a tape to make it appear that Romney is out of touch with America. Here is what the edit showed.

Andrea Mitchell and her guest were clearly mocking Mitt Romney, trying to get their viewers to join in. Thanks to technology, cell phones, cameras and FlipCams, members of the audience also have the ability to take videos and post where they please. Here is the video that proves the deceptive edit.

Thanks to this technology and Americans posting on YouTube, Facebook, their blogs and other places, NBC got caught and called out. Apparently, nobody defended NBC, as other media institutions that also lean left joined in on calling out the Peacock network.

Even more insidious than this, a recent discussion moderated by MSNBC on Martin Bashir's show insinuated that Romney is a uncomfortable around people not of his own race, so he's probably racist. It's very sad that supporters of the President have nothing positive to articulate about their candidate or his record so they have to resort to false race accusations; practicing the politics of "Divide and Conquer."

With MSNBC's viewership so low, Americans curled up on the couch in their slippers with their remote controls apparently are not getting any thrills up their legs. Therefore, they're switching off this hack of a network and moving over to Fox News, as their hard news division truly reports the news.

Could NBC's tactics get even more desperate as election season continues and could their rating fall even lower? Yes to both questions...we shall see.

UPDATE, 6/22/12: Politico has suspended Joe Williams for his comments on MSNBC yesterday. It would also be nice for MSNBC to discipline Martin Bashir for not calling out Williams's dispicable comments, or the higher-ups implement their own suspension from their airwaves, but this is NBC we're talking about so neither are likely.

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