Friday, June 22, 2012

More Classless Behavior on the Left

In recent weeks, a group of gay activists visited the White House and decided to express their displeasure with Republicans by taking pictures under Ronald Reagan's portrait while flipping him off.

This is absolutely classless, disgraceful behavior, especially in the "People's House," under the portrait of one of America's greatest presidents. Not everybody American gets that opportunity to visit the White House in that fashion, be among history, in a building where are forefathers faithfully executed the Office of the President of the United States, while preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution, and have an audience with the President. As of this writing, we haven't yet seen members of the left call out this group, like they did to Neil Munro for last week; accusing him of acting disrespectful to the office. I'm not holding my breath for this to occur.

Whether Joe Biden's commentary on ObamaCare passing (and we'll see next week if that was premature), Obama calling a Vice Presidential candidate a pig, flipping off his opponents or spiking the football, as well as Nancy Pelosi attempting to mimic Dr. King's arm-in-arm marching in Selma, the left is caught in a moment of hypocrisy if they do not respond to this Philadelphia group. The clear evidence is present that the left holds the monopoly on classlessness.

UPDATE, 6/23/12: One day later, the White House has rebuked the actions of those who flipped off Reagan. I have one question-with the number of cameras and level of security around the White House, wouldn't they have caught this? And if they did, shouldn't they have been tossed out? Something to think about...

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