Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Problem with Lee Greenwood?

I love Lee Greenwood's song; so much so, it plays a prominent role in The Calling to Lead!

Apparently, a principal in New York City does not feel the same way, as she has banned her Kindergarten students from singing it at their graduation. During this school year, she's apparently not the only school official to have a problem with God Bless the USA.

In the case of this administrator, Ms. Greta Hawkins, whose leadership, according to the article, has previously come into question, she is imposing her religion upon the school community, yet she feels that Justin Bieber's "Baby," a song which some deem sexually charged, is more appropriate for the Kindergartners to sing. It's unfortunate that she can't get past her own intolerance to allow the rest of the school community to understand that God has Blessed this wonderful Nation as the greatest in the world and continues to do so every day. As this is a community of immigrants and new Americans, the performance of the song by the children will underscore the reasons they came to the United States.

Here we have another example of an educator imposing their will on a community, this time for their own religious reasons. In other communities, their members have spoken up against similar absurdity and it is my hope that the parents and community who are associated with PS 90 do the same thing!

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