Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rose Garden Rumble

In the Rose Garden today, Obama was announcing his latest Amnesty Ploy to win voters in November. This is no surprise and it's the beginning of the pandering, stepping on the Constitution, which this Executive Order does and firesales (watch for students loans and certain mortgages to be forgiven) that will take place before November 6.

This staged moment hit a snag when an "off-teleprompter moment" moment occurred, as The Daily Caller's Neil Munro asked a question during Obama's speech. As you'll see, it received quite a testy response from the President.

We all know what is behind Obama's Amnesty ploy, so I'm going to focus on the Rose Garden Confrontation. What should be noted about this president is that his claims of being transparent are flat-out bunk. Rarely does he have press conferences, rarely does he look for non-scripted moments. He does not answer reporters' questions, instead, just makes his speech and runs away.

Neil Munro knows this, so as a result, he did his job, saying the following, as the president was taking a breath (he cannot be heard because he does not have a microphone)
"Is this the right thing to do for American workers?"
Reading the president's body language, one could see the stress of the campaign is getting to him, as he clearly lost his cool, further lowering the prestige of the office by shouting down a reporter who asked a question he didn't like. One would think a reporter doing their job would be commended by their colleagues, and while the Daily Caller commended their employee, the shills pounced, calling this act disrespectful, alluding to the possibility this was done out of racist tendencies, then having the White House Correspondents' Association threaten to pull the credentials of the Daily Caller.

I guess they forgot about Dan Rather badgering Richard Nixon, Sam Donaldson badgering Ronald Reagan, and the Antisemitic "reporter" badgering press secretaries and presidents.

This is clearly the most thin-skinned president and it is very sad to see journalists give up their ideals of objectivity for a president they so clearly wish to see re-elected.

Neil Munro proves that among some reporters, journalism is not dead!

UPDATE: 6/18/12: Sam Donaldson, (known as the "has been") today, joined in on the "racism" crowd, but today Rush spoke of how Donaldson was the one to breach protocol, shouting out questions at President Reagan, with the strategy of making him seem aloof and off his game to further bring the age factor into question. Standing by their man, the Daily Caller also cited a 1987 article about why reporters shout at President Reagan. Further evidence why it's ridiculous to call out Neil Munro.

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