Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CAMPAIGN IN PANIC: What Will Obama Do Next?

Let's face it, Obama isn't having a great June and if this pace continues, he won't be winning in November.

By following events that occurred this month, this campaign is clearly in freefall. They seem to have decided to abandon the moderates and are pulling up the left flank, as is evident from his piecemeal Dream Act announcement, new-old position on Gay marriage and collusion with Hollywood. Knowing he is refusing to run on his record and instead, is promoting the politics of Divide and Conquer, look for the following in the coming months:

Expanding the Dream Act by Executive Order: Obama already attempted to tug at the heartstrings of America by focusing on the children, (a consistent pattern of all liberals) watch this to be expanded to include senior citizens who have been here illegally for years. Forget about the Constitution and the law, Obama wants the moment to be in front of the fawning media to tell them that Republicans want to split up families. (Obama will just leave out the fact that his Executive Orders may not necessarily align with the Constitution.)

Forgiving of Student Loans: This is something that could break the bank when you think of the sheer number of students/graduates in debt. Because the president hasn't endorsed real solutions to the employment problem, students who majored in East Asian Philosophy and Basket-weaving, irrelevant to this economy, can't find jobs in this economy and cannot pay off their debt. Obama and his advisers figure making this decree will not only get the young people as interested in voting for him as they were in 2008, it will give him the chance to spout the rhetoric that "I'm encouraging Americans to go to college and this to be the most educated generation," when he isn't actually doing anything to address problem of out of control tuition. It's a ploy and students shouldn't allow themselves to get bamboozled again in 2012.

Forgiving of Mortgages: This is also something that could break the bank, but Obama sees it benefiting him in some key swing states, specifically Nevada and Florida. Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate in the country and the Las Vegas Metro area has been hit hard by the housing crisis. Unemployment has also forced these numbers up, and it can be argued the president's comments have affected both. I have written extensively about Florida and the likelihood it will be a Red State in the fall, and knowing the high number of foreclosures that have taken place in the I-4 Corridor, an Obama decree would be directed at these voters, who broke heavily for Obama in 2008, but have switched allegiances in 2010. I can see this as a purely political move to do nothing more than to say to these Americans, "Hey, I'm helping you out. Do you think the Republicans will?!? They'll make you sink, so vote for me!"

Legalization of Marijuana: There has been a lot of talk about this topic as well and I see this as another way to get the youth vote. No matter how sad it is to stereotype 18-35 year olds as potheads or what societal implications the legalization of marijuana may have, if it helps Obama get votes in Colorado, Nevada, Iowa or Ohio, he's all for it.

Some of these Executive Orders Obama may make may not actually get done, but announcing them before the election gives Americans who don't follow politics closely, the impression the president cares, when in reality, the president is using their emotions and challenges as political props and in the end, these false promises will provide these Americans with false hope.

My advice to you, the reader: stay educated, follow the news and read/research for the reasons president Obama does something, as well as look at the timing of any big decisions. This is going to be a very dicey few months, this president is going to toy with the emotions of Americans while running from his record, and I believe that in the end, America can come out on top!

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