Saturday, June 23, 2012

More on Romney's Veep

Earlier this week, I wrote about some well-known Republicans who could become Mitt Romney's running mate. A lot of people were asking me why I left out a couple of names: Paul Ryan and Chris Christie. To make them happy, here is my analysis of these two Republicans.

Paul Ryan: With the news that broke this evening, I thought it would be necessary to bring him up. Congressman Ryan holds a very influential position in Congress as the Budget Committee Chairman and one of the best voices on fiscal issues in Congress. His economic knowledge, combined with the fact that this is likely an election based on Barack Obama's horrible management of the economy, Ryan would be a good choice. Also, Paul Ryan hails from Wisconsin, a state that is likely in play, as a result of Scott Walker's recent victory in the public sector union led recall. Ryan's youthful energy and adherence to Conservatism would also be beneficial for him being on the ticket, but the question is where is he needed more-with Mitt Romney or in Congress, attempting to put the reigns on a president who spends like no other president the US has ever had?

Chris Christie: Pundits from Glenn Beck to Monica Crowley are fans of the blunt-spoken New Jersey Governor. And to his credit, Governor Christie has done a very good job in the state, both policy-wise and politically, and will most likely win re-election in 2013, no matter the opponent. With his comfort level in the state and even taking into account his own words, as well as the more Conservative voices in the Republican Party, it would not be a good choice for Mitt Romney to choose Chris Christie as his running mate. The governor is more needed in New Jersey, he is not seen as consistently Conservative by Republicans in the South, Midwest and Mountain West, and two Northeastern Governors on the Republican ticket will be an imbalance and may cost the Republican Party support in those two much needed regions. I hope Mitt Romney makes the smart choice on this and Governor Christie passes if asked.

While Marco Rubio and Bobby Jinal are still my top two choices to be Mitt Romney's running mate, Paul Ryan is another good choice, but Christie is best left in New Jersey to run for re-election in 2013. When 2014 comes around, there is a Senate Election that he can consider pursuing after winning re-election. (It happened in Ballots and Blood) As I said, it is a very important choice for Mitt Romney, and like the knight in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade said, "choose wisely."

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