Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Day in the Badger State

In Wisconsin, tomorrow is the recall election of Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

The media and Democrats are trying to come up with disgusting last minute and untrue smears to force a Walker loss, while citing erroneous polls that the race is tightened, but I believe this waste of money created by this recall election will go Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch's way!

This recall election set a horrible precedent: if you don't like something an executive has done legislatively, try to force him out before his term is up and put in your guy who will back your agenda. If Walker loses (which I don't believe he will) this sets a horrible precedent that will intimidate governors from applying leadership methods innovation, that will, at the same time, save the taxpayers money. Scott Walker is smartly citing that these methods have worked! The unions had their say with their mob-like tactics and disregard of the law, and may have received ridiculously biased media coverage in their favor, but breaking it down to dollars and cents, Walker has clearly outspent them. They make the stupid wah-wah accusation about out of state money, but the truth is that by forcing this recall, they brought this race to center-stage, so why shouldn't Walker compete?!?

Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch are politicians who govern with No Fear and should be commended for their strong decisions and intense resolve. Following the pattern previously set, I believe that the Wisconsin taxpayers will come out in full force to endorse the two to finish out their terms.

If Walker and Kleefisch win and I am correct, this victory for democracy, innovation, lower taxes and job creation will clearly put Wisconsin in play this November!

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