Saturday, June 2, 2012

Disastrous Employment Figures

First Friday of every month, the previous month's unemployment figures are released and no matter how much the Federal Government tries to play with the numbers and no matter how much the mainstream media under-report it, these numbers are a disaster and may play out on Election Day!

It turns out that only 69,000 jobs were created last month, which caused U-3 figure to rise to 8.2% and the U-6 figure to rise to 14.8%. No matter how much he tries to blame Bush, the unemployment issue is Obama's doing, as his Federal government tinkering expansion stifles growth.

Not only is this harmful to the economy, but it's harmful to Americans in their prime of their careers. They see the president going to six fundraisers in one day, playing golf when he should be working, wanting to focus a second term on healthcare and ignoring the unemployment issue every chance he gets. He thinks he's doing something good and kind by extending unemployment benefits, but he's stealing away the dignity of these Americans, while making it more challenging for them to find work, who want to work and cannot find employment!

Unemployment numbers are clearly higher since he became president, I like that Mitt Romney is focusing on this, and as Americans start tuning into the election, they must realize this president made the availability of jobs worse and he must pay a price for it at the polls on November 6th so after January 20, 2013, Barack Obama can't destroy this economy anymore!

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