Monday, June 25, 2012

SCOTUS Happenings

In the last week before the Supreme Court goes into recess for the summer, America awaits some big decisions including ObamaCare. While we did not get a verdict of ObamaCare, we did get a Verdict on the Arizona Immigration Law.

In regards to Arizona, the Court decided that most of the law in Unconstitutional, conflicting with the Federal Government, whose responsibility, the court believes, is making and enforcing immigration laws. This decision, more or less, tells the states that they are stuck if the Federal Government does not enforce laws on the books. While I disagree with this decision, as it does not take into account Arizona's specific issues and challenges they face from illegal immigration, I am glad the court allowed part of the law to stand. Police can still check immigration status of those who they believe are here illegally. While still allowed, this issue is going to be back in front of the 9th Circuit, and as this court is notoriously liberal and activist, it's safe to say this provision will again be decided against very soon.

Also decided today was a reaffirmation of the Citizens United Case. The Court stated that corporations should not have a set spending limit in campaigns as doing so would conflict with their First Amendment rights. This case has angered the left, as well as the President, as it evens the playing field against them and now will not have the union advantage anymore.

Again, no decision on ObamaCare today. I predict Thursday, but as soon as it comes down, "The 'Right' Solutions" will bring you analysis of the position of SCOTUS.

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