Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lowering the Prestige of the Presidency

That's right folks, he said this.

While making an attempt at humor, and also trying to distinguish himself from Bill Clinton, Barack Obama's crass sound byte further lowered the prestige of the Presidency. Will women find this offensive? Probably not the NOW contingency, (they didn't with Bill...goes to show they're hypocrites) but I guarantee you that most women would. Considering what he has done the past 3 1/2 years as President, we should not be surprised.

What I find rather interesting is the media trying to pull a Frank Drebin and cover up the obvious, using the Ron Burgundy defense; all in the interest of protecting this president, stoking a "did he or didn't he" debate as a diversion.

It's obvious, he did it, I'm done talking about this and will move back to reminding all of you how Barack Obama has mismanaged the economy and allowed unemployment to soar under his watch; two issues he hopes to run from in 2012.

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