Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Christmas Celebration: Elizabeth Warren to Speak at DNC

If you thought the Democrats were going to run away from left/Socialistic/Liberal Leaning, then think again. They just handed the Republicans a big Christmas present: Elizabeth Warren is going to speak at the Democrat National Convention!

Last year, she said this:

Almost three weeks ago, Obama copied her rhetoric and said this:

It feels like Christmas in July with this news! This year, Elizabeth Warren is running in Massachusetts for the US Senate against incumbent Republican, Scott Brown, who, for the left leaning state in which he lives, has done well in the Senate, has strong approval ratings, since winning that special election in 2010, as a result of Teddy Kennedy's death. Democrats want to showcase this woman as a leader in the party and at the same time, are not running away from "You didn't build that," as she was the original individual to cite George Lakoff.

Credit must be given to Scott Brown in his new ad, but he must consistently remind Massachusetts voters about how Elizabeth Warren is an out of touch, ivory tower elite who also happens to be a liar and a bigot. It's time to dust off the ol' truck as well! Furthermore, take advantage of Elizabeth Warren's new ad, responding to its offensive commentary in looking to a Communist regime as the example of what America should do.

This IS Massachusetts and he must never forget that, but Scott Brown's campaign, as well as the Republican message, is greatly helped, now that the Democrats are placing Elizabeth Warren in the spotlight.

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