Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Olympics

There is currently an ad circulating by a SuperPAC, speaking of Mitt Romney's Olympic Experience, and using American Olympic athletes/medalists to cite his experience:

The ad is very effective and does a great job of connecting Mitt Romney to his stellar job at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics; one of the best to take place. Furthermore, it takes Obama's 2008 theme, hope, and applies it to Mitt Romney; something that has the potential to anger the Obamaites.

It's quite apparent how the Olympics plays into Mitt Romney's biography, as it's quite apparent how Obama's IOC "me" speech played into the IOC disqualifying Chicago on the first vote, and eventually awarding the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro. Definitely not a comparison Obama wants, but the difference between the two is clearly there; and it's like night and day.

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