Friday, July 20, 2012

"Stretch" to Dems: Skip Charlotte

This is the time of year for National Political Conventions: fun parties, networking, brushes with fame and exposure. Every four years, members of both parties wait for baited breath for these four days. Well, in a surprising move, the House Minority Leader, Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi, is telling Democrats to skip going to their Convention in Charlotte!

The media/leadership spin is that Democrats should be concentrating on their own Congressional Districts, in order to win their respective elections in the fall. As a result, the Convention is nothing but a distraction and less important because we already know that Obama is going to make is acceptance speech at BANK OF AMERICA Stadium.

Truth of the matter is that Democrats are beginning to regret choosing Charlotte because North Carolina being a right-to-work state and the gay marriage issue are two realities about which Democrat voting blocs are not pleased, causing a boycott. Furthermore, it's safe to say North Carolina will be a red state this November and Democrats are getting ready to throw their future loser leader under the bus, while saving their own hides.

For a party and administration that claims to be transparent, this is the only thing done in 3 1/2 years that even comes close! Along with Pelosi's call to stay home, the Democrats had to cancel a day of their convention, as well as the Charlotte Motor Speedway Event (While the YRNF had theirs) and are having many more problems with the Democrats in North Carolina! By the time the convention arrives, they'll wish their problems amounted to a botched balloon drop!

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