Monday, July 9, 2012

Barack Obama: In His Own Words

I am going to provide a little assistance to Mitt Romney, as America really needs to see him hit hard about the ObamaCare 'Tax.'

As I reminded Mitt last week, it's a tax, and I'm glad he and his campaign have accepted that premise. Now that they have, let's look back at Obama's position on new middle class taxes in 2008.

Staying with the same talking points, Obama then adamantly denied ObamaCare is a tax.

Pretty strong denial, in my opinion. But how quick things change, as in front of the Supreme Court, the arguments may have been disastrous, but we see the 180 in the President's position through the Solicitor General's argument.

By now, we know the disgraceful SCOTUS decision and Obama is in a pretty pickle as with the decision; he was caught in a lie. Valerie Jarret's comments and Jacob Lew's comments don't much help him, nor do his comments, trying to force America to close the door on ObamaCare. In fact, Americans are angry how ObamaCare hurts this country, economy and freedom. Remember 2010 in the House and Senate?

Some free advice for Mitt Romney: Use Obama's words against him. Barack Obama was clearly caught in a lie and the video clips that I provided, if used correctly in an ad, can sink the president, as Pat Caddell wrote today, on taxes. Collateral damage for Obama would be the trust issue with the clear evidence he went back on his promise, in the fashion George HW Bush did. And with Obama's words and the words of his surrogates, there's very little Mitt Romney needs to do but put up the cash for the airtime in Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and New Mexico, then press play. It can be easily tied into the economic message and will get Americans to vote for Romney instead of against Obama.

Republicans, Conservatives and America are counting on you, Governor Romney!

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