Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama, in Context

Last Friday, Barack Obama set off a firestorm with these comments, which were taken plagiarized from Elizabeth Warren and George Lakoff.

Rightly so, Mitt Romney has been responding and responding well. Obama is clearly angry and can't take the criticism, so he has come up with this ad in response.

You want context, Mr President? Here is the context?

Sounds worse in context, doesn't it?

Barack Obama could have very well had his John Kerry moment in this campaign. And the fact that he hasn't walked it back, but has doubled down and continued to defend his comments is rather telling. Let's keep talking about this because eventually, all of America will understand that Barack Obama's master plan is to kill the will of the individual, push the government into every aspect of their lives and make that individual a subject of the government. This also, once and for all, make this election about Barack Obama and his record. Sounds like Mitt's perfect opportunity to articulate conservatism to the American voters so that it resonates, and then we will be on our way to saving the United States.

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