Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is Rahmbo Up for the Chicago Challenge

I wrote a couple of months ago about the murder rate in Chicago. With Mayor Rahm Emanuel's appearance on the CBS Evening News.

Let's face it, these gang leaders have no values, steal, deal in drugs and bring mayhem to the South and West Side. Emanuel is dead wrong, doesn't get it and that can clearly be understood by listening to that 40 second sound byte. The reason the "gang bangers," as Emanuel calls them, won't stay away from children is they're going to eventually attempt to recruit them, telling them there's no other route in life. Emanuel needs to show that famous temper of his and get more emotional. Utilize the Chicago Police to heavily curtail this behavior and give them resources to get the gangs off the streets. Forget about the historical implications of police power in Chicago, they need to protect their citizens! As I said, he needs to look no further than New York City and what Rudolph Giuliani did to curtail crime in the Big Apple.

Emanuel is going to use his personality, the same way his former boss has attempted to do and hope this activity stays in the South and West Sides of the Windy City, but the moment these murders cross the Chicago River, into the Loop or occur north of McCormick Place, there will be an uproar from citizens and it turns into a crisis for the mayor. And the way he won't let that crisis go to waste will come in the form of a consulting contract signed with Rudy Giuliani, so that another Democrat (or another Daley) or a Republican doesn't gain enough support to push Rahmbo out of City Hall.

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