Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alternatives to "Pre-Existing" and "Covered to 27"

In light of the ObamaCare decision and tax hike to come, there are some Republicans who are looking at the glass half full, trying to come up with things in the bill with which they can accept. News to these clueless GOPers, NOTHING IN OBAMACARE IS GOOD FOR THE COUNTRY!!! I'm going to look at the two items cited most as "acceptable" by the GOP establishment and hope to educate them on why ObamaCare needs to be repealed to save the American economy and way of life.

Children can stay on their parents' insurance until they're 27:
Let's face it, there is a reason this is a part of ObamaCare and that is because Americans in their 20's can't find jobs; even with a college diploma. It may seem like a nice thing to do and tug at the heart strings of America, but in reality, it costs the insurance companies money, therefore, they will raise rates on consumers. Furthermore, it does not address the problem of youth unemployment. If Obama and the Democrats would allow for a more improved atmosphere for job creators to hire more workers through lower income and capital gains taxes, as well as less regulation, it wouldn't be necessary for children to stay on their parents' insurance; instead they could have their own with their jobs. When Republicans remind Americans that Obama hasn't done his job overseeing job creation and is copping out on his responsibility through ObamaCare, it returns attention to Obama's disgraceful mismanagement and destruction of the American economy.

Pre-existing conditions: Again, Barack Obama tugs at the heartstrings of America by forcing insurance companies to provide coverage to Americans with serious health issues (pre-existing conditions) like Type 2 Diabetes. As Liberals do when making laws based on emotions, they do not tell the whole story. The problem of pre-existing conditions is on a much smaller scale and only affects those consumers who directly buy heath insurance. There are two clear solutions for this. First, Americans should be allowed to purchase insurance across state lines. It will allow for competition, it will allow for insurance companies to increase their markets and there will be a greater chance Americans will find a plan they feel works. They may not find coverage in their home state of New Jersey, but they may find it in Florida or North Dakota. Prices will be lower across the market, as insurance companies want to attract more consumers, and those with pre-existing conditions will benefit from the competition. Also to be considered are high-risk pools run by each state. This solution will not only lower the cost for these consumers by opening up the market for competition, as well as keeping this a state issue, but it will allow for consumers who are considered low risk and whose premiums are raised to comply with the requirements of ObamaCare, to also pay lower premiums.

My TEA Party friends must educate these Republicans, including Mitt Romney and his people, about the horror of ObamaCare and make sure they are on the same page that not only is this a tax hike, but NOTHING GOOD COMES OUT OF THIS LAW! All they need to do is look back to 2010 and what happened in the House and Senate. Americans strongly responded at the ballot box, and if Republicans repeat 2010, by educating how four more years of Obama will see the implementation of this travesty and will do nothing but continue the downfall of the American economy over which Barack Obama has presided. The health care system, economy and America as we know it can be saved, and that can all happen on November 6, 2012.

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