Friday, July 6, 2012

Stagnant Economy

Like every first Friday, the economic numbers and labor statistics were released: 8.2% U-3, 14.9% U-6, 14.4% unemployment rate among African-Americans.

There's one word to describe this situation and I think I already did: pathetic! Just to keep up with population growth, 150,000 new jobs per month must be created, but in June, only 80,000 jobs were created. So much for the Summer of Recovery. Sadly, this is no surprise, as when a president endorses policies that allow the growth of government and increased regulation of business, while ignoring the private sector, this is the reality Americans will face, and that is misery: not being able to earn their worth, not being able to move on with their lives and wasted time.

And we haven't even had a full economic effect of the SCOTUS decision, so the July numbers to be released the first Friday in August will be a sight to see!

Barack Obama just gave Mitt Romney a softball and now he needs to hit it out of the park! Last week's performance by Mitt Romney and his campaign caused him to sputter, and this should be the news to rev him up and articulate to Americans why he will be the alternative to save the economy, which will save America.

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