Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sarah Palin Must Speak at the RNC

It's no surprise I'm going to make this declaration, but Mitt Romney, his campaign and the RNC organizers must invite Sarah Palin to speak at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, giving her a major speaking role.

Throughout the lifetime of "The 'Right' Solutions," I have explained how important Sarah Palin has been to the Republican Party and how important she is to the conservative movement. Wherever she goes, she attracts crowds. They love her, they cheer for her, they are energized by her and inspired by her. She is gutsy and shows no fear in her speaking, isn't afraid to hold back, and always embraces Conservatism! When I was in the audience for her CPAC 2012 address, the atmosphere in that ballroom was electric.

I had previously posted this video, but felt the need to again, and here is another example.

When Sarah Palin goes on stage, she delivers! She did at the Wardman Park Marriott last February, as she did at the Republican National Convention in 2008 in her ovation, address and presence. And since the 2008 Election, Palin's stature in the Republican Party has grown by leaps and bounds, as not only is she the most sought after endorsement, but her endorsement tends to lead to victory.

Sarah Palin and the TEA Party must be embraced by Mitt Romney in 2012, as they will play an integral role in his victory. To not give Palin this platform would be akin to turning his back on a constituency that is principled enough to stay home if they feel they are not part of the process. Conservative voters want to be fired up and inspired as the election season heats up and I can guarantee that Sarah Palin will do just that!

We have seen, in the past two weeks, Mitt Romney's words in support of Conservatism (and some can even deduce that he took Sarah Palin's advice, which starts at about 4:50 of the video), now he needs to turn those words into action, giving Palin a major speaking role at the convention where she will galvanize those on the floor in Tampa, along with Conservatives and TEA Party supporters across the United States.

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