Saturday, July 21, 2012

Keep the MittMentum Going

It seems like Mitt Romney and his campaign woke up this week! Last Friday, one week ago, Barack Obama's comments, where he plagiarized Elizabeth Warren, angered many Americans. It's with this John Kerry moment that sprung Mitt Romney's campaign into action.

Early in the week, Romney effectively responded, having an Andrew Shepherd moment that seemed to wake up Americans to Barack Obama's true agenda. Then, Romney honored entrepreneurs at a recent campaign appearance. Later in the week, the campaign released this ad:

The effectiveness of this ad comes from what seems a regular, every day American explaining what the problem is with this administration, and this president. These stories are, sadly, turning into commonplace in the United States and the fact the Romney's campaign is expressing this shows that his campaign is listening. The ad will get people talking, Obama's comments and refusal to walking them back will also get people talking.

This was a good thing for Mitt Romney, but he CANNOT take "one step forward and two steps back" in this campaign. He must build on this and continue the "MittMentum" that will eventually save the United States from what her people been experiencing the past 3 1/2 years!

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