Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt Romney visits America's TRUE Allies

With the media focusing on Mitt Romney's comments in London, (On which, when tying in events leading up to and during the Olympics, he was correct, and considering his leadership of Salt Lake City 2002, he did them a favor with his honesty.) and Ann Romney's Olympic horse, they have been more quiet about his Winston Churchill bust comments, as well as legs 2 and 3 of trip: Israel and Poland.

Let's face it, this president has a big Israel problem, whether his treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu, inability to recognize Jerusalem has her capital, his refusal to visit the Jewish State during his presidency, or the moronic statements he's made in the past. As November 6, 2012 is close by, he thinks he can fool Jewish-American voters in buying off Israel.

Mitt Romney spoke quite strongly in support of our strongest ally in the Mideast, reaffirmed Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and hit very hard on the behavior of Iran. Many in Israel, as well as Prime Minister Netanyahu seem to be in agreement with Mitt Romney, and to think that American Jews don't see it the same way is crazy! If Mitt Romney's campaign is looking for a way to expand upon Barack Obama's dismal record, his treatment of Israel is a great starting point.

Mitt Romney also had a good experience on his trip to Poland, gaining the support of Lech Walesa, and also showing Poles that he is the complete opposite of how this president acts toward and views Poland.

An undeclared theme of Mitt Romney's trip is visiting American allies that Barack Obama has either discounted or stabbed in the back during his presidency. It nicely sets up a new line of truth on which Mitt Romney and his campaign can expand. I give Romney's overseas experience a thumbs up and hope that it is used to remind Americans how Obama has hurt the American image abroad through the mistreatment of America's true allies and how a Mitt Romney presidency will allow these allies to, once again, count on and trust the United States as a partner against tyranny and in freedom.

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