Sunday, July 22, 2012

Obama Campaign in the Red?

For months, we've been hearing about the vaunted $1 billion re-election campaign and how it should make Republicans shake and shudder. It seems that's another item put out by this president that has turned out to be nothing but hot air.

In June, the Obama campaign spent more than it brought in. With events at half-filled basketball arenas, public opinion polling and the ability to stay on the air in expensive, multi-media market states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Obama's people are burning through cash, just like the government did with his stimulus! This is actually rather embarrassing for an incumbent presidential campaign, along with being out-fundraised by his opponent, and for all the hope and promise we've seen them try to sell, it looks like the American people aren't buying.

Since Obama and his campaign can't fairly raise money, they're now resorting to thug tactics to intimidate Romney donors and prospective donors. The ugly side of politics didn't work out well for Nixon, and even with the fawning media, win or lose, it won't work out well for Obama either.

While it looks like Mitt Romney and his ad team may have found his inner Andrew Shepherd, he and his campaign must not get complacent. If you remember these words and his aggressive stance, it cannot be doubted that the Obama campaign, despite being broke, will use all the tactics it could, no matter how far into the gutter they go, through November 6.

The MittMentum must roll on!

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