Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Batman, "Bane," Obama & Mitt

They do refer to the summer as the "silly season" and with this story, things definitely got sillier.

This Friday, The Dark Knight Rises, the conclusion film to Christopher Nolan's trilogy, will be released. To capitalize on what will be a very popular film, as well as its recent line of attacks, the Obama Campaign is attempting to align the film's villan, Bane, with Mitt Romney, as he was the former CEO of Bain. It's a clear overreach, as Bane and Catwoman seem more like OWSers than business people who have been doing nothing but working, earning money and creating jobs. This campaign must truly think the American people are uninformed and stupid, but if they want to make this comparison, let them, because there's another president to whom Batman has been compared. (And also one who was compared to the Joker.) Furthermore, this could open up a line of attack the Romney campaign could address about Obama's vision of national security and foreign policy. I really don't think the president wants to go there.

This "Mitt Romney is Bane" line of attack won't last and will backfire!

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