Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Year of The Five!

I was sad when Glenn Beck left Fox News, but I am pleased what has replaced his show: The Five!

Today, The Five is one year old! And in that one year, it has become a ratings dynamo, while bringing in new sponsors, for the network. The basic gist of the show: at 5PM, there are five hosts, five blocks moderated by each host, and they discuss and debate the events of the day. It's a departure from the mega-information, and at times, sobering tone of Glenn Beck's show, and while informative, the hosts of the five also know how to let their hair down, which has led to some great moments on the show, especially the chicken wings incident and Bob Beckel's dunking on the July 4th Special. Through random encounters in New York City and Washington DC, I've also had the pleasure of meeting Eric Bolling, Bob Beckel and Greg Gutfeld, who couldn't have been any nicer and were always willing to talk about the show, along with their takes on the topics of the day. In this year, this has grown to become one of my favorite shows on the network and is definitely DVR-worthy!

I am sure we'll see the success of The Five continue for the next year and beyond!

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