Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dick Cheney on Sarah Palin

Last weekend, Former Vice President Dick Cheney made some comments about Sarah Palin.

While I respect the job that Dick Cheney has done as Vice President and I respect him as a great politician, which goes back a long time, I vehemently disagree with his commentary on Palin. His commentary was disappointing and flat-out wrong, even bringing about a Tweet in disagreement from his daughter. Cheney forgets that Sarah Palin was the only individual on a ticket in 2008 with Executive Experience. Cheney forgets that Sarah Palin torched Joe Biden in her debate. Cheney forgets that had McCain not reacted the way he did to the financial crisis, Sarah Palin could have saved that campaign herself. Cheney forgets that it's because of Sarah Palin that John McCain didn't lose that campaign in the fashion Goldwater lost to Johnson. Cheney forgets that Sarah Palin holds considerable sway among many in the grassroots and is the most sought after endorsement in Republican/Conservative circles today.

Last week, I spoke highly of Sarah Palin, as I have done since the inception of "The 'Right' Solutions," when it came into question whether or not she will have a speaking role at the RNC in Tampa. There is nobody like Sarah Palin who goes out there, shows guts and no fear in engaging her adversaries, while taking the darts from the left, as well as from many in the Republican Establishment; all while staying positive. To this day, Sarah Palin continues to show her popularity by packing ballrooms to hear or or saving the bacon of her enemies, in addition to her popularity on the campaign circuit.

For these endless cheap shots on Sarah Palin to continue is pointless, and Establishment Republicans should really think this one out. They must work harder to get out of that Beltway Mentality and truly understand their constituents, along with welcoming Sarah Palin, Conservatives and TEA Party members into the Republican Party, as a refusal to do this may one day come at the peril of the GOP.

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