Monday, July 2, 2012

Did John Roberts Cave?

As America continues to absorb the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare, new information is starting to come out.

Most troubling is that Chief Justice John Roberts changed his vote and caved under the pressure from the left wing and Community Organizer in Chief. To have a man leading the Supreme Court who cares more about his image, his legacy and the Court's image, than upholdng the Constitution is very troubling. What does this mean the left will do in the future when further challenges to ObamaCare or other landmark cases are on the docket of the Supereme Court? Will they again be able to force a ruling which they prefer? John Roberts had a sad diversion from his job description and while I feel uncomfortable saying he sold out the Constitution for more invites to the Georgetown cocktail party set, it looks as if it's starting to play out that way. This news further makes me reaffirm my belief that future Republican presidents must refrain from nominating blank slates to the Supreme Court. Fighting for the Constitution is more important than politics and by going directly to the people, a president can cut off any filibusters that an under 60 vote Republican majority may threaten.

What I am really curious about with the ObamaCare ruling is whether or not the New York Times, which approves of the ruling, will apologize for its previous actions against and assumptions made when attempting to cover smear the Chief Justice. Probably not, as they and the rest of the left may now have the future opportunity to dig their claws deeper into the Supreme Court.

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