Thursday, July 5, 2012

Is Our Last Best Chance Squandering His Chance?

As many of you know, I was not overly supportive of Mitt Romney in the primaries for many reasons, but now that he is the presumptive GOP Candidate, Mitt Romney is the last best chance of saving America from ObamaCare and saving America, period.

The momentum he had built throughout the month of June came to a grinding halt last week, as he muddled his message on ObamaCare; first the weak speech and now the inability to distinguish ObamaCare as a middle class tax hike. Marco Rubio set it up quite nicely for him! SCOTUS's decision has clearly awakened the American public and it's Romney's turn to feed off that, while at the same time, using that despicable decision to gain more voter support.

It seems what I predicted is occurring: Mitt Romney was ruthless in the primaries, especially toward Newt Gingrich, but isn't fighting as hard in the general election. Instead of saying "I've got them (the Conservatives) so we're going to do it MY WAY," he needs to bring them into the fold, listen to them and speak for them, not at them; now that he's the presumptive nominee. Furthermore, he needs to return to his excellent rapid response and practice the politics of no-fear, making sure nobody questions his guts and whether or not he truly wants it.

Thankfully, he's not too far gone and could right the ship before the convention. What he needs to do is fire Eric Fehrnstrom, remind Americans ObamaCare is a tax and continue with the message that ObamaCare contributes to the horrible economic situation of the United States and that if it wasn't for Barack Obama's mismanagement and commitment to hard-left policy, jobs would have been created, deficits would be cut, taxes would be lower and our healthcare system wouldn't be diminished and a dark cloud of doom and uncertainty wouldn't be hanging over the economic economy. Mitt Romney has proven he could be nudged and it's time for him to be nudged again if there's any chance of America being saved.

UPDATE, 7/6/12: Apparently Rupert Murdoch is also concerned about Romney and shares my sentiments about Mitt Romney. It's early and there's still time, but I must remind the Establishment Republicans to be careful what you wish for!

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