Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canadians Dealing Oil to the Chinese

Earlier this year, because Barack Obama cared more about his wacko-environmentalist friends, he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, which cancelled many jobs in the United States while continuing to drive up oil prices.

It now seems that the Canadians are looking to make a deal with the Chinese to sell their oil that Obama stupidly turned down. Some politicians on the left are getting nervous and it remains to be seen if they'll come off their holier-than-thou high horses. As the price of oil has risen this year and, as anyone who has filled their tank this month can observe, it continues to go up even more (Funny how that's under reported 99 days out from the election and when it is, the cost is minimized.), an American ally selling oil to a country many believe is an American adversary, will cause the cost of energy to rise even higher! Barack Obama's lack of leadership was a missed opportunity to bring energy costs down, I hope Mitt Romney's campaign is watching and he takes this opportunity to offer Americans real energy solutions!

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