Friday, August 31, 2012

Incredible Close to a Successful Convention

The final night of the 2012 Republican National Convention ended with a bang! There were three very big speeches tonight of which I want to quickly comment and analyze.

1. Clint Eastwood

Given without a teleprompter, Clint Eastwood was the mystery speaker of the RNC. His speech was rather unique and showed a lot of perspective into what Eastwood has done for a living: acting. This exercise is readily practiced in acting classes to hone improvisational skills, as well as monologuing. The empty chair represented Obama's empty leadership and during the speech, he made it appear as the president was interjecting on his commentary. It was blunt, humorous and heartfelt. This mehod is also used by comedians to "soften the blow." In this "conversation," Eastwood also explained why he is supporting Mitt Romney in this election. This was a great setup for what was to come on this pivotal evening.

2. Marco Rubio

I was deeply moved by this speech. In it, Rubio spoke of the American dream, the dream every American knows, especially those who are children or grandchildren of immigrants. One particular line in this speech hit home with every person that risked everything to have a life in the United States of America, as he spoke of his father:
"He stood behind a bar in the back of the room all those years so that one day, I could stand at a podium in front of a room."
This line made a clear connection with all Americans and united us more than Barack Obama has in four years! These people worked hard and took the hits so their children could be more successful than they were. In talking about Obama, Rubio summed it up as I have a few months ago,
"We moved from hope and change to divide and conquer."
He closed with a connecting Mitt Romney to this very story and then introducing him to the delegates and the nation. Marco Rubio showed, with this Reagan-esque speech, that he is a rising star in the Republican party.

3. Mitt Romney

Entering the convention hall State of the Union Style, Mitt Romney had much to accomplish this evening in giving his acceptance speech. It is safe to say, he did what he needed to do! Romney spoke with poise, excitement, passion and heart. He showed confidence, humility and compassion. In these nearly 40 minutes, he told his personal story and told America's story; for what she is known, for what she has become under Obama and for what she will become under a Mitt Romney presidency. He invoked Reagan at times, as well as conservative ideas. He spoke of items that haven't received as much attention as they should; such as energy independence, religious freedom, school choice and foreign policy - areas where Barack Obama is inherently weak. Mitt Romney has come a long way, and in 66 days, I would like to remind him that he needs to show a little more fire, (this was a lot of fire, for Mitt, as he's a reserved guy) needs to be less subtle about Obama (remember Reagan in 1980 - not President Carter, but Mr. Carter) and continue to stay on the offense. This is winnable!

All in all, and despite Hurricane Isaac, the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa was very successful! I predict Mitt Romney will receive a bounce in the polls of 8-10 points. Delegates reported to me that the crescendo and momentum consistently continued throughout, references to the debt clocks (overall national and debt accrued during the convention) were present and readily referenced and things in the Forum ran smoothly. As we leave Tampa to return home, Republicans must let the let the MittMentum carry us to November and watch out for the left and media, as they will stand in the way as best they could. Take this mission with great responsiblity and care, as I cannot imagine what will happen to the United States of America if Barack Obama wins this election.

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