Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paul Ryan Takes AND OWNS the RNC Stage

After having a great and close-up preview in Pennsylvania last week, Paul Ryan took the stage of the Tampa Bay Times Forum at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday evening! See the speech for yourself.

Paul Ryan had a job to do tonight, and it is evident he passed his test with flying colors! His speech had a mix of optimism, facts, articulate delivery, humor, bold ideas and charisma. Mitt Romney clearly chose wisely when it came time to look for a running mate, and for this, Republicans and Americans should be thankful!

Up until this prime time speech, what had been a major criticism of this Republican National Convention was the refusal to directly take on Obama, mentioning him by name. Ann Romney didn't do it, (and we didn't expect her to) but surprisingly, Chris Christie did not do it. He did give an excellent speech with big ideas and the comparisons he gave mentioned political parties and not leaders by name. Tonight Paul Ryan not only mentioned Obama, but he wiped the varnish off him!

Paul Ryan has had a front seat to the Obama legislative madness, due to his important role in Congress, and he gave an eyewitness account to the legislative disasters this president has pushed through, costing Americans jobs, money and heartache. He also took apart ObamaCare, tying in its criticisms with the economic struggles this ridiculous law has created in among American businesses and the American people. Furthermore, he told the truth about medicare, that truth the president wants to try so hard to hide that he'll allow hateful ads to be produced that portray Paul Ryan pushing granny off a cliff. This was a clear dressing down of a president and it leads us to ask the question that Paul Ryan did:
"Why would the next four years be any different than the last four years?!?"
Also important, Paul Ryan spoke highly of Mitt Romney, delving into his leadership, character and achievements, while also poking a little good-humored fun at his future boss. He spoke optimistically about how Mitt Romney and how his leadership will allow Americans to recapture the American dream, while embracing the freedom that has been stepped upon by four years of Barack Obama as president.

It will turn out that Paul Ryan's RNC Vice-Presidential acceptance speech will go down in history as being one of the best ever given! I stand fully behind this fellow Gen-Xer and I am confident that America will do the same. Again, Americans should thank Mitt Romney for making him a part of the team that will save America from the destruction caused by Barack Obama!

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