Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Obama Transcripts

With yesterday's article by Wayne Allyn Root, he has successfully brought back a pressing question to the political fray: the content of the Obama college and law school transcripts.

To this date, president Obama refuses to release these transcripts and it leads many to ask, including Root: What is he hiding? Root has some guesses which he explains and I don't know if he's correct or not, but it does raise the question as to what is there, as the president refuses to release them, as does the media, even though they go fishing for an high school report card from Mitt Romney.

The past few weeks, Democrats and Obama supporters have been drum beating for Mitt Romney to release more tax returns, even going so far to accuse him of being a tax cheat, using faulty logic, not providing any concrete proof.

I do not believe Mitt Romney should release his tax returns and give in to the Democrats. Doing so will put him on the defense and make him more open to attack, allowing Obama to continue to run from his record. Instead, Mitt Romney can easily switch to the offense, which must be done when on the receiving end of a personal attack, by saying the following:
"If the President wants me to release more tax returns, I'll do it when Obama releases his transcripts from Occidental, Columbia and Harvard. He claims lead a transparent administration, so let's see him back up his words with action."
This scenario likely won't happen, but one can dream. If it does, Obama will have to regroup his attack machine since hell will freeze over before those transcripts are released. I don't know what is in there, but his actions in refusal speak one thousand words.

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