Monday, August 27, 2012

RNC Kicks Off in Tampa

Well, the RNC did not listen to me, as they cancelled today's convention kickoff because they were deeply worried about the potential of flooding in St. Petersburg and Clearwater, areas outside of Downtown Tampa where many delegates are staying. If those areas flood, buses cannot get the delegates Downtown to the Tampa Bay Times Forum. It looks like Tampa missed the direct hit from Hurricane Isaac, and as of Tuesday, the show will go on!

Two speeches to watch tomorrow evening are those given by Ann Romney and Chris Christie.

First, Ann Romney. With her diginfied manner and quiet strength, the possible future First Lady is showing herself to be Mitt Romney's biggest asset. She exhibits his "human side" and will be a big argument against the ficticious Republican War on Women. If I see more interviews of the Romneys like I did on Fox News Sunday from this weekend, his November chances will look even better.

With Chris Christie, he has been showing New Jerseyans, since his election, that he's blunt, he gets to the point and doesn't mince words when it comes to advancing his agenda. His Keynote Address has the potential to give Republicans gathered in Tampa, as well as those watching, some real red meat. This speech will also rival the 2004 RNC Keynote of Zell Miller.

Tomorrow is an important day, as it will set the tone for this truncated session, leading up to Mitt Romney's acceptance speech on Thursday.

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