Sunday, August 26, 2012

Passing of an American Legend: Neil Armstrong (1930-2012)

With yesterday's passing of Neil Armstrong, America lost a legend, hero and pioneer.

Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. This amazing feat took place in 1969, seven years after it was first proposed by President John F. Kennedy. Americans who were alive at this time, as well as anyone who has seen the video, likely remembmer these famous words.

The Apollo 11 Mission, in which he participated, faced a lot of questions and a lot of fears were faced head-on. Whether landing on the moon's surface, re-entering into the Earth's atmosphere and living to tell about it, he surpassed those objectives, while also giving the United States a big gold medal in the Space Race of that era with the Soviet Union. After the Apollo 11 landing, Armstrong led a quiet, unassuming life in Ohio, shunning the spotlight.

This great American is the epitome of American Exceptionalism, will be missed by all and it is my hope that the example Neil Armstrong set in his life will live on.

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