Saturday, August 4, 2012

Up to 8.3%, 15% More Accurate

As they do every first Friday of the month, the labor statistics were released. And today, we received some more bad news: U-3 is up to 8.3%, U-6 is up to 15%, more dropped out of the labor force.

I feel like a broken record every first Friday of the month, and all I have to say is about this can be summed up in one work: PATHETIC! Pathetic that Americans are suffering, pathetic that Americans in the prime working age are being shut out and pathetic that this president is so dang closed-minded when it comes to focusing on improving conditions for job creation!

This economy continues to grow worse and Americans who want to work again, as well as save their own country can be happy about the next three labor statistics release dates:
  • The first Friday in September is the day after Obama's Second "Greek Column Stadium Coronation" (aka the final day of the DNC in Charlotte)
  • The first Friday in October will be right before the first presidential debate takes place
  • The first Friday in November is the last Friday before the election on November 6.
I highly doubt a complete 180, but considering what this administration has done in the past, do look at an attempt to cook the books. The best way for Americans to truly know what is going on with the employment situation is to talk to their friends, family, and neighbors. I guarantee you that someone in your life is suffering through this economy and cannot find work. Talk to them and use their struggles and experiences as material where the economic performance of the United States can be judged. And do not forget Ronald Reagan's words, as it can be applied to November 6, 2012:
"A recovery is when Barack Obama loses his job!"

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