Sunday, August 12, 2012

Florida is still red, sorry Dems

With Mitt Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, the Dems are foaming at the mouth, ready to play Medi-scare and are boasting that Florida's 29 Electoral votes will be Obama's.

There are a few problems in their theory. Let us not forget that Paul Ryan's medicare opt-out is not mandatory. And for Americans over 55 years old, they are not even included in this package. Furthermore, it was Obama who cut nearly $700 billion from the medicare rolls, which further makes Sarah Palin's declaration about what will become of ObamaCare even more true. And the fact that Stephanie Cutter, Obama's moronic campaign hack bragged about it, they give the Republicans further evidence that Obama and the Dems will lie about their own record and run from their own record to tear down the Republicans.

Earlier this summer, I argued and guaranteed a Republican win in Florida this November. I continue to stand by that declaration and still believe that the votes Republicans will gain in the I-4 Corridor, the I-75 Corridor and the Panhandle will not be enough to cover the votes Obama may get in Southeast Florida and seniors who buy the medi-scare lies. Sorry Dems, Florida is still red and the United States will be better off because of it!

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