Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Todd Akin Torpedoes his Candidacy

Last Sunday, Todd Akin said this:

In this nearly 40 second sound byte, Todd Akin torpedoed his campaign, while bringing Claire McCaskill off the ropes. First, he showed that he cannot clearly articulate his viewpoint in an intelligent manner. Democrats knew this and that's why they helped him win the primary. What I believe he was trying to say was that abortion should not be allowed in the case of a rape because the life of the child is just as important. It did not come out that way and came out in a fashion where his commentary sounds nothing short of imbecilic and idiotic. While we need Conservatives in the Senate, which Akin clearly is, we need intelligent conservatives, which Akin is not. Intelligence also is judged on how clearly one can communicate, speak, articulate viewpoints and gain supporters. That interview exposed Akin negatively.

Those 40 seconds now make him a distraction: a distraction in Missouri, a distraction from the real issues of the campaign and a distraction for the Republican ticket. It is the Republican ticket that is clearly going to save America from the current path Obama is leading her down, therefore, Akin needs to look at the bigger picture, put his personal ambitions aside and end his campaign, making way for another Republican to run in his stead. Claire McCaskill was given life for November and the Democrat Party was given fuel to continue their deceptive and dishonest Republican War on Women argument.

It is unfortunate that Akin said this and even more unfortunate that he is not dropping out. I hope either Akin can recover or a conservative like Sarah Steelman, Ann Wagner, John Brunner or Jim Talent can step up to launch a write-in candidacy. Remember, this was successful in Alaska two years ago. Akin has one more month to think things over, look at his fundraising figures (he will be on his own, as opposed to getting help from the RSCC) and make a decision. "The 'Right' Solutions" hopes he will put country and party over personal ambitions in making this decision to guarantee Claire McCaskill does not see a second term in the US Senate.

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