Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's Paul Ryan

We now know: Paul Ryan will be Mitt Romney's running mate.

Last night, the Internet lit up with speculation about the possibility of a Paul Ryan being chosen and earlier this morning, with the news released on the Mitt Romney app, we learned the speculation became a reality.

Paul Ryan, throughout his career, has shown he is an economic genius, as well as having shown no fear when promoting a specific agenda or schooling the president. From past ads and commentary by the president, it can be determined that he scares the left. This will further embolden Ryan. Romney showed guts by picking him and not ducking the important issues.

In picking Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney does a few things:
  • Conservatives are now on board: Paul Ryan has shown himself to be a Consistent Conservative and is a TEA Party favorite. His ascension to the ticket gives this group of committed and passionate voters a voice in this campaign, which will benefit the Republican ticket.
  • Economy is front and center: In this campaign, Mitt Romney has heavily focused on economic issues and how Obama has failed the nation with his economic agenda that has crippled the United States. Economic issues are also Paul Ryan's specialty, he can more clearly articulate the issues and his place on the ticket also gives Americans a clear choice - the status quo of the Obama economy or the economic recovery that will come about as a result of the Romney economy. 
  • Youth: I have argued that the 9-11 Generation will save this nation. Paul Ryan is a Gen-Xer and will give this ticket a youthful energy and vitality that it was lacking. Furthermore, he has the potential to attract young voters to the ticket that Obama is trying so hard to retain. He wasn't the Gen-Xer I predicted to lead, but still a pretty darn good represenative of my generation, to one day become the 9-11 Generation.
  • Midwest is in play: With the choice of Reince Priebus as the new RNC Chair, this has long been a goal of the Republican Party. Scott Walker's recall victory is further evidence that Wisconsin is in play and was a further assistance in highlighting Paul Ryan as a strong VP pick for Mitt Romney. This pick will also help in other midwest swing states such as Ohio, Iowa, and Michigan, as there are similarties between those states and the Badger State.
Mitt Romney has done well with this pick and will definitely get a bump in the approval ratings. I am confident of Paul Ryan's performance on the campaign trail, as well as hope some of this youthful energy and no fear style will rub off on Mitt Romney. Things are looking better for November!

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