Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Show Must Go On

Earlier this week, the media had quite the flipout (I can think of another word beginning with o, but this is a family blog) and with the possibility of Hurricane Issac affecting the Republican National Convention in Tampa, they had another, but it has been determined the show will go on!

I decided to hold back on this because we are not sure of the route the hurricane will take; will it continue into the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans, will it directly hit Tampa and follow I-4 across Florida like Charley in 2004, will it glance Florida? The fact is that we do not know and everyone should just calm down and wait it out. Florida has masterfully handled hurricanes (much better than the Democrats in Louisiana did) and I have all the confidence they will continue to do so. Part of me would have chosen Orlando instead to fully prepare for Mother Nature's unpredictability, as it's a more compact area, has more hotel rooms than Tampa-St. Petersburg, has a brand new arena in the Amway Center, a revitalized downtown and is away from the water (the latter being one of the same reasons Walt Disney chose to build Disney World there) but according to a friend of mine who has attended a string of RNCs in recent years, that would never happen because the Disney comparisons to the GOP would be endless!

I am happy to see the GOP continue on schedule with their convention and not give in to the Katrina fears of 2008 (we know darn well the Democrats wouldn't break the schedule). This year, I will not be attending this convention, but I will be watching and after seeing the speaker lineup, as well as getting a close-up preview, I am very excited for what is to come out of Tampa next week!

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