Friday, August 17, 2012

Prediction: Joe Biden is Not Going ANYWHERE, No Hillary in 2012

I've said this before on many occassions and I'll say it again, the Democrat fantasy will not happen, Joseph Robinette Biden is on the Democrat ticket this year and will be there until November.

Speculation has ramped up this week as a result of Biden's irresponisible and undisciplined racial demogogery. We could make a list of past Biden faux-pas:
It's almost too much fun to watch! The new Crossroads ad focusing on the Bidenisms over the years is classic, and further makes America wonder what the heck Obama was thinking by even putting Joe Biden on the ticket in the first place!

As I have stated before, there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obama. Bill hasn't exactly been the most ardent supporter during the campaigns in 2008 and 2012, as he knows Obama is dragging down the Dems. While acting as though they're supportive, on the surface, both are putting in place Hillary's 2016 run for the Democrat nomination, behind the scenes. Therefore, Hillary is not looking for any roadblocks to that nomination and being tied to a possible loser, as well as his socialist policies. Both issues may be used by a weapon, in 2016, by a governor from New York and a governor from Maryland; both of whom the country may be seeing on a more regular basis in years to come. As a result, Hillary is politically astute to stay away.

The only chance of a switch would be Mark Warner, current Senator from Virginia and former governor, as his position on the ticket, as well as his high approval ratings, combined with the high population of Federal Government workers living in the Northern Virginia suburbs, would clinch the Old Dominion for Obama, but that would be viewed as a transparent sign of desperation, which may further derail any yearning Warner may have for higher ofice, assuming Obama loses.

For now, Obama gets to keep Biden, and Paul Ryan gets to debate him. For those of us who were wishing to see Newt debate Obama, this may be the next best thing!

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