Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Democrats Threatened by a GOP Rising Star

While everyone was focused on the addresses given by Ann Romney and Chris Christie, there were some really good speakers in earlier slots yesterday at the Republican National Convention. One of those that come to mind was the speech by Mayor Mia Love, of Utah, who is running as the Republican in Utah's 6th Congressional District.

An African-American Gen X-er of Haitian immigrant parents, Love, in this speech, clearly articulated conservatism while showing no fear in attacking Obama, mentioning his name, (which Christie did not do) along with drawing clear comparisons between a conservative vision of America and Obama's vision of America. The crowd loved her, as proven by the decent standing ovation she received.

Democrats realize that Love is a rising star, so they will do anything necessary to derail and deride, even if they are racist in nature; applying the same racist tendencies they accuse Republicans of possessing. It's hypocritical attacks like these that make me wonder who the real racists are! A continuation in the long line of racist attacks on Conservative/Republican African-Americans from Allen West, to Condoleezza Rice, to Michael Steele is a disgusting and disgraceful MO, and also shows that these strong leaders and their historically dishonest monopoly of African-Americans. To use tactics that they preach against, while accusing their enemies of practicing shows a lack of consistent values and an addiction to keeping power at any means necessary.

I wish Mia Love the best and hope to be hearing more from her in the future; whether or not she is successful this November.

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