Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Obama Crusade against the 2nd Amendment

Nothing new in this, but today, we saw the President using American children as props when he decided to, again, go around the Constitution and Congress, signing Executive Orders to attack the 2nd Amendment.

What we see is more reactionary, crisis as an opportunity politics to chip away at Americans' right to bear arms. At the same time, he is insidiously using the reaction to the tragedy at Newtown to further advance ObamaCare. And the sad fact is that this potential Constitutional Crisis is no surprise. Obama does not like gun owners - he said it years ago. Now that he won re-election, he never again has to answer the voters so he's going right at them; riling them up and flipping them the bird, while tugging at the heartstrings of America by using children to mask his true intentions.

Republicans may be clueless, but thankfully not all opposition to this madness are. The NRA has put out a pretty scathing ad, which the left is attacking, but it clearly tells the truth.

We are seeing an over-confident president who has just won re-election and on his way into a second term. What is perceived by those in power of cashing in political capital does not bode well for the potential of success during the second term. History is repeating itself.

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