Sunday, May 23, 2010

Didn't we learn from our teachers to read first

As a teacher, I have always told my students to examine all sides of an argument, all sources and all points of view before coming to a conclusion or taking a position on a particular issue. Don't just read the New York Times, read the Wall Street Journal. Don't just read Newsweek, read National Review. Doing this hones one's reading skills, comprehension skills, analytical skills and evaluative skills. It makes individuals truly educated and not mind-numbed robots (while preparing them to take any standardized tests). My students who have taken my advice have allowed themselves to be independent thinkers who are not easily led by people or arguments. Seems pretty reasonable, right?

For the past month, the Arizona Immigration Law has been making the news (it even played a role in the Miss USA Pageant, in the same fashion the gay marriage issue did with Carrie Prejean last year.) and has been excoriated by politicians in Washington. However, they did not read the bill. A recent ad regarding the reaction to the Arizona Immigration Law further exposes the politicians who speak before reading.

In my opinion, the person who made this ad deserves some sort of commendation or reward. The ad, in childlike fashion, reminds viewers the basic rule: read before coming to an educated position.


  1. The video is hilarious.. nice post Mr. C :)

  2. wow that's creepy.. how does this site know my name?!

    Side Note: one of my professors this semester told me the best way to prepare for the writing section on the MCATs is to read absolutely everything -- especially things I have no interest in -- because that's most likely what I'm going to get on the test.. joy. On the bright side, at least I'll be well rounded and have a ton of random information to talk about :P