Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The next Congresswoman from New Jersey's CD-6

Meet Diane Gooch, the owner of the Two River Times. Diane is running for the Republican nomination to face Congressman Frank Pallone in the fall general election to be the person that will represent NJ's 6th Congressional District. I had the pleasure of meeting her last month, saw the passion with which she speaks and think she has a strong connection with the voters. She has the entrepreneurial experience of running a small business, creating jobs in our corner of New Jersey and holds the best chance for this seat to go Republican. I think these real-world experiences are invaluable to serving in Congress, as opposed to those a career politician may claim to have. Like so many from the Jersey Shore area, she has a personal connection to 9-11, which when people learn of it, will be inspired and impressed.

Speaking of 9-11, I tied that day into The Calling to Lead as I believe that event will be the event that makes my generation step up to the plate and lead. Our lives were changed on that fateful day and there are many Gen-Xers out there who have stepped up or will step up to see that something like this never happens again. Nearly 10 years ago, terrorists attacked this country and while many may put it out of their minds, I will never forget the images and emotions of that day and they will stay with me until the day I die. Members of our generation need to support those in politics who do not ignore that day or think with a September 10th mentality, and Diane is just that person who knows the world in which we live and will work her hardest to protect our country and our small area of New Jersey.

And so all you CD-6 GOPers reading this, I strongly implore you to support Diane Gooch in your primary this June!

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