Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unfit to Serve

Late last week, Attorney General, in testimony, stated the following that made many, including myself, cringe:

In discounting radical Islam, Holder disparages the memory of those nearly 3,000 souls who were murdered on September 11, 2001 and brings further unneeded grief to their families who nearly 10 years later, are still living with the fact those terrorists who killed their family members were Radical Islamists advocating the destruction of the United States of America. It is further harmful knowing the evidence is clearly placed in front of Holder that Radical Islamists have been the perpetrators of significant attacks on Americans. Even so, he discounts it. Could it be a result of a political agenda? Could it be because of his alleged role in his law firm defending Gitmo detainees?

In addition to exposing his ineptitudes, he further exposed himself as derelict in his duties:

I think it's a good idea that an Attorney General should read the law, especially a law as important as the Arizona Law, before putting one's pre-conceived notions on the record.

Between these two incidents, as well as his refusal to prosecute those involved in the Philadelphia Voter Intimidation Case and the attempt to try KSM in civilian courts in New York, Eric Holder has shown himself to be a woefully inept Attorney General and lacking in leadership skills. Good leaders examine all sides of a particular issue, including researching and reading, before publically speaking. Good leaders follow and enforce laws, even if it may go against their agenda. Good leaders know their enemies are watching their moves and are looking for an opportunity to strike, therefore will exhibit strength with the interest of protecting those they lead. Congress has begun to call for Holder’s resignation and it is my prediction he will be part of Obama’s 2010 November Purge. The question is: will the president choose someone who has strong leadership qualities to succeed Holder as Attorney General?

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