Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome to My Corner of the World Wide Web

After all these years of following politics, participating in the political process, teaching about the political process and its historical significance, attempting to get young adults involved in the political process, as well as writing about politics and the political process, so many people have said to me, "Chris, why don't you start a blog?" Well, ladies and gentlemen, now is the time, so here we go!

Since completing my BA in Political Science and History, I have worked on various political campaigns, completed one Masters Degree, continued with graduate work and am nearing the completion of my 2nd Masters Degree. While teaching at the high school level and advising Model UN, I have written curriculum and have been part of a team whose curriculum has been published, while also having my lessons/learning activities published. I recently finished the manuscript for a political thriller titled The Calling to Lead, am in the process of editing it and will be shopping agents and publishers as I continue the editing process. Additionally, I am planning follow up novel(s).

Now a little bit about how I came up with the name of the blog, "The 'Right' Solutions." As a Conservative Republican, I believe in finding solutions to the problems and challenges the United States and the world face and I believe these solutions are the correct solutions and are based on the major beliefs those on the right side of the aisle endorse: small government whose major responsibilities are protecting its people and supporting its military, the power of the individual, the belief in the strength and potential of the free market, the protection of the Constitution, the preservation of our American values, as well as the belief in American Exceptionalism.

In articulating their solutions, Conservatives should clearly, positively and optimistically define the ways these solutions will benefit America and her citizens. They should not use personal attacks, yet they should not back down from the shots taken by those who oppose them, utilizing both an offensive and defensive strategy.

Future blog posts will focus around politics, some relevant popular culture and topics covered in The Calling to Lead. As I continue to post to "The 'Right' Solutions," feel free to comment and contribute to the discussion; and don't forget to tell your friends (or anyone who might be able to help me get The Calling to Lead published).

Again, I welcome you to "The 'Right' Solutions!"

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