Monday, November 5, 2012

Mitt Romney Comes to Pennsylvania

One of the most troubling parts of being off the grid this long is not being able to provide you with consistent analysis of the election, which just so happens to be tomorrow. As zero hour approaches, both candidates are traveling across the country and my candidate, Mitt Romney, was local, as the Keystone State is in play, so that meant I was going to be there too. Off to Bucks County, Pennsylvania I went.

I joined close to 30,000 Conservative brothers and sisters in arms, in the chilling cold, at a farm/fairground just off I-95, about 30 miles north of Center City Philadelphia, to hear Mitt Romney speak. Before he spoke, local politicians and candidates such as Tom Smith (running for the US Senate against Bob Casey Jr), Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick, Governor Tom Corbett, Former Governor Tom Ridge and Senator Pat Toomey, all gave rousing speeches, along with a participatory musical performance by the ever-popular Marshall Tucker Band. And then the moment occurred...Mitt Romney's bus appeared and he and Ann emerged, taking the stage to Bill Conti's Gonna Fly Now. (the Rocky theme...a Philadelphia area favorite) Here is his speech.

By examining his body language, Mitt Romney seemed poised, confident yet humble and presidential. His excellent speech closed to fireworks and an unconventional rope line walk. (he bounced around, as opposed to staying in line) While I could not get a picture, I did get to shake his hand, as well as chat with some of the other politicians there, as I was right against the rope line.

Standing in a cold wind for nearly 5 hours approaching the beginning of the rally was truly worth it and of all the national candidate rallies I've attended, this one was my favorite. This rally in Bucks County, a county necessary to win for Pennsylvania to go red, truly puts the Keystone State in play like never before, in recent memory.

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