Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House

Republicans did not have a winning effort this year, but they did hold Congress, and since the election, especially after seeing the current Speaker of the House make some questionable comments, it's time for a new Speaker of the House, and "The 'Right' Solutions" endorses Paul Ryan to hold this position and challenge John Boehner!

In his two years as Speaker, Boehner has not always shown himself to be as "big tent" as he claims, when it comes to Conservatives in the Republican Party. Just ask Allen West and Michele Bachmann. Had it not been for Conservatives, especially at the grassroots level, 2010 would not have happened and Nancy Pelosi would still be speaker. His comments and choice of capitulation before the president even puts forth his plan is demoralizing and unacceptable. It is for this reason why the Republican Party needs a change at the top.

The best thing Mitt Romney did in his campaign was choose Paul Ryan as his running mate. He has always shown himself to be intelligent, can clearly articulate Conservatism and has shown strong resolve in the face of great pressure. His stock has risen in the Republican Party and among conservatives, whether keeping his cool in the face of crazy, practicing wide accessibility on the campaign trail, as well as never wavering from showing himself as the clear alternative to Barack Obama. When examining his history, it is apparently clear he will do this as the leader of the House of Representatives, while supporting fellow Conservatives and Republicans in the House, as well as standing strong and opposing the second term agenda of Barack Obama.

I hope he will mount a challenge and am not sure if he does, but we can make our voices heard so that he may consider it, by calling his Washington DC office at 202-225-3031.

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