Monday, November 12, 2012

First Carter-Era Policy Coming to an End

Some good news to come out of New Jersey: gas rationing will be over, as of 6AM, Tuesday morning!

After Hurricane Katrina Sandy hit New Jersey two weeks ago, power was out for most of the state and as a result, gasoline could not be accessed. For the stations that were powered up, lines stretched miles, and those with gas cans for their generators (I was one of them in that line pictured above) lined up around the block. Because the state government and FEMA did not stockpile generators for these stations, stockpile gasoline, make it readily accessible to New Jerseyans or force the power companies to make the impovements to their grids so that the mistakes of Hurricane Irene were not repeated (they were), Governor Christie enacted odd/even gas rationing a la Carter style to decrease the lines, while indirectly, covering up what state government and FEMA did not do, which could have prevented this situation. Implementation was confusing to some and not consistently enforced, which will lead many to ask questions, especially in what will be an election year in New Jersey.

There are still some without power or who have lost everything, and for that, we pray for them and look to help out where ever possible, but with the gas rationing coming to an end, it is a symbol to everyday life in New Jersey trying to return to some bit of normalcy.

Thankfully, one Carter Era policy retread has ended, but on a Federal level, we'll have to wait until 1/20/2017 for the rest of them to be undone...if we're lucky.

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