Monday, November 12, 2012

SecDef John Kerry: NEVER FORGET His 'Greatest Hits'

Breaking on Drudge now, Massachusetts Senator and 2004 loser, John Kerry, is being considered for the Secretary of Defense.

I really have to wonder where the heck Obama's judgement is on this one, considering he happens to choose a military veteran who has a very shady past about his military service, that Kerry so highlighted in 2004, and can't necessarily be considered one of the military's greatest supporters when he has voted against their interests in the Senate, questions their intellect and calls them terrorists.

It may be payback for the speech, it may be payback for Kerry's loss to W, but it's a sham and does not best serve the men and women who wear the uniform to defend American freedoms. While we should always pray for the military and their well-being, it's especially time to pray for them if they have to call this bitter man their leader.

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