Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mohammed Morsi: The New Pharaoh?

If I remember correctly, I reminded you all to watch out for the 3rd Government in the Egyptian revolution, as it seems my prediction is coming true. With new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi firmly in power, after his election, he granted himself additional powers, causing many, especially in the judiciary, to criticize this grab and incite the strongest opposition since the Muslim Brotherhood supported party took power.

In the interest of countering the judiciary, their protests and so that the media shows images of a united Egypt in support of the current government, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for supporting Morsi.

This is a very important week for the new government of Egypt. The protesters could win out and force Morsi to backstep, yet I think the most likely route is that the current regime will win out, making themselves more powerful than they had intended, since the February 2011 revolution that overthrew Hosni Mubarak took place. As history has taught us, power has the potential to corrupt and even more important, an unstable Egypt has the potential to make for an unstable Middle East, especially if Egypt aligns her interests with Iran's. And just like Jimmy Carter had Iran to destabilize the Middle East, Barack Obama will have Egypt, which could make things even worse.

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